Our days start and finish in our kitchens, not in rooms lined with desks.

We designed every inch of our working space in order to deliver and execute every performance of the curricula with the highest efficiencies. This means getting more out of given day. Though this design was originally meant to maximize the hands-on learning for our professional programs, it works wonders for our enthusiast classes too. And we now offer an in-between course. The 10-Week Culinary Fantasy Camp (beginning summer 2015) appeals to broader audiences with their unique reasons to put on an apron.

Professional Diploma Programs

Our diploma programs are primarily designed for those committed to a career in fine professional kitchens. The curriculum reflects the intensity and work ethic demanded in the industry. No matter what journey you choose to take, we focus on getting you ready for what awaits.


Note to International Students: Effective June 1, 2014, Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver is recognized by the Canadian Ministry of Advanced Education as a designated learning institution of the International Student Program (ISP).  This means that international students accepted in the Northwest 1 Year Professional Combined Diploma Program will be automatically granted a student visa upon meeting the personal requirements placed by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. This visa will allow them to enter Canada, receive an one year study permit, as well as an open work permit valid for the duration of the Northwest study program. Northwest’s designated learning institution code is O19395299466. If you require more information, please e-mail our registrar Lena at Northwest (lena@nwcav.com).


10-Week Culinary Fantasy Camp

If you are looking for a once in a lifetime culinary or pastry education, whether for personal reasons of a chance to immerse yourself in the world of professional cooking, then this summer program is the perfect menu choice. Train in the same kitchen as our professional students with the same instructors, equipment, ingredients, making many of the same fine-dining dishes. Way beyond any foodie course, this course is meant to point you in any direction.

Classes For The Enthusiast

Our kitchens are brilliantly designed for teaching the home cook. We specialize in hands-on classes, whether it’s our popular 8-Day Basics Course, a Private Booking/Team Building class, or specialty themed classes.