We’ve been exactly where you are now.

And we know that finding the best culinary school is a critical step that will impact the trajectory of your culinary arts journey. So no detail was overlooked when we created Northwest. It was built from the kitchen out, by chef-instructors who know exactly what ambitious learners need… come to think of it, around the way we would want to be taught.

The Northwest region is the frontier of innovation because it dares to go against the grain.

Vancouver boasts a vibrant food scene and the most professional culinary schools per capita than any city worldwide. Chefs, like all craftspeople, are at their best when they can practice their ideas with creative freedom. We run our culinary classes like an intimate chef-owned restaurant, with complete freedom to practice our craft and implement our ideas without corporate resistance.  It means we can do for our students what chefs strive to achieve for their customers: an experience like no other.

At Northwest, you take away a wider range of skills and choices.

To become a chef it requires more than just getting your apron dirty. The world of food is changing at the speed of information. So we constantly experiment with the wisdoms of ancient food practices as well as modernist techniques. So we’ve added a practical farm-to-table component to our curriculum. We motivate our students to think outside the box…even to step (literally) onto fresh ground.